Click to enlargelzb LazerBrite Light

A wacky light that seems to work pretty darn well. Mixing and matching colors make it fun too. Show your friends jsut how weird you can be.

Made in USA in Moab, Utah Tough lexan caps tubes and LED's Copper battery case with Lithium batteries included End caps are exchangeable for color combinations, reversible end for end, and to point IN or OUT of the tube. Can be used as safety marker or as flashlight Red uses 1 CR 2032 battery, all other colors use 2 CR 2016 Battery life : Red = 10 hours on or 30 hrs on/off/on cycled White & Blue = 20 hrs on or 200 hrs on/off/on cycled Green = 30 hrs on or 300 hrs on/off/on cycled

"O" ring sealed for high water resistance in bad weather Floats !