Click to enlargeCHR Pocket Tent

That's right . . . . one point eight pounds. . . .or, put another way: UNDER TWO POUNDS including everything but the rock to drive in the titanium pegs! To our knowledge, this is the lightest, most compact single person tent on the market. It is made specifically for the outdoor enthusiast who is a fanatic about maximizing weight/space savings, the enthusiast who believes passionately that weight is the enemy of every serious motorcycle camper, kayaker, hiker or touring bicyclist. With this savings, however, come trade-offs. the Pocket Tent is a tension structure, it has no poles or stiffeners; the user must find one elevated tie-off point. If you are looking for the insta-pop tent to go with your self-inflating air mattress, this ain't your tent! Our Eureka one-man Zephyr or two-man Backcountry 2 are much better choices (coming soon).